#3: The World of Global Logistics with Bjorn Vang Jensen from Electrolux

26 Sep. 2019

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Bjorn Vang Jensen
Bjorn Vang Jensen
Head of Global Logistics
Electrolux AB


Bjorn Vang Jensen, Head of Global Logistics at Electrolux, is a well-known industry figure and a veteran of the business who has seen the world of global logistics and supply chain management from many different angles. From the ocean carrier perspective, from the 3PL perspective and from the perspective of a manufacturing brand with a global footprint, Bjorn has witnessed the rise of globalization for three decades. In the process, he has acquired a depth of industry knowledge and a big freezer full of stories and insights. In this English episode of the BVL.digital Podcast, you will learn:

  • How Bjorn’s global career took him on a wild ride to a dozen different countries
  • How the global logistics footprint of Electrolux (AEG Haushaltsgeräte, Frigidaire) looks like and how it’s being managed
  • Which common supply chain disruptions make Bjorn’s role so exciting
  • What technology he considers vital for his day-to-day operations and why even that is still imperfect
  • Which problems and potentials he sees in technologies like AI and blockchain in global logistics
  • His personal views on the impact of protectionism, trade wars and tariffs on global supply chains
  • Why Sustainability is Electrolux’s religion.

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