#68: How to digitize logistics through a collaborative transportation platform

16 Jun. 2021

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Knut Fredrik Ramstad
Knut Fredrik Ramstad


Today’s episode of the BVL.digital Podcast is an English. Our guest on the program is Knut Frederik Ramstad, CEO of MIXMOVE from Norway. MIXMOVE is a cloud-based collaborative transportation platform that promises to guarantee volume-optimized filling of carriers to make more money out of the available capacity and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Together with our host Boris Felgendreher, Knut discussed the following topics:

  • The background and origin of MIXMOVE
  • Short background of Knut Frederik Ramstad
  • “Traditional” freight, logistics and road transportation
  • Trends in digital freight, logistics and road transportation
  • Analogies between the disruptions and transformations of the media advertising business in the earls days of the internet and the logistics industry and the „physical“ internet
  • The vision for moving parcels and freight through terminals like the way emails are sent through the internet
  • Why we need to track freight at an item-level and what the system needs to look like to make that happen
  • The GS1 standard to label each package so that they can be read throughout the supply chain
  • The problems with data quality coming from the systems of carriers and other partners and how to address them
  • How to increase the average fill rate of a truck from 52% to 92%
  • How to quickly onboard new partners
  • How to increase fill rates and help 3PLs and shippers to utilize their assets better
  • The MIXMOVE platform, the solutions, the customers
  • Value generated (operations, customer service, costs)
  • The environmental impact
  • What the future holds for transportation automation and tracking
  • and more

To learn more about cloud-based collaborative transportation platform MIXNOVE, visit: https://www.mixmove.io/en/


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