#7: The Internet of Things in Logistics with Rami Avidan

07 Nov. 2019

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Rami Avidan
Rami Avidan
Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH


Rami Avidan, responsible for the Internet of Things (IoT) business at German technology giant Deutsche Telekom, is on the BVL.digital Podcast today. In this English episode of the podcast, our host Boris Felgendreher talks to Rami about everything IoT, including:

  • The vision and the big promise of IoT in logistics and where we are on the journey to widespread adoption
  • What are some must-have, “low hanging fruit” IoT applications
  • What are some more advances IoT technologies that are coming
  • The typical value drivers of IoT solutions
  • Specific examples and use cases in transportation, manufacturing and retail
  • Where are we on the vision of complete supply chain visibility and what role IoT can play
  • Which security concerns are real, which ones are overblown
  • The importance of building out an IoT ecosystem of trusted partners
  • Innovative ideas around advanced analytics and data brokerage
  • and much more

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